Gate-Saver One-Way

Gate-Saver is the most versatile gate arm saver in the railroad industry. It allows gate arms, hit by a moving vehicle, to rotate out of the way and return to the original position without damaging the arm. The all-new Gate-Saver can handle gate lengths of 10 feet to over 38 feet long in all types of applications, eliminating the need to carry more than one type of Gate-Saver in your inventory. A few of the benefits of this “Gate-Saver” breakaway is that it works with gate arms up to 38 feet, also it will disengage, so as to allow the maintainer to fix or install a new gate arm off to the side of the road but still be installed and affixed to the counterweight arms. This is a real safety factor for the maintainer. Another point of interest, is that our “Gate-Saver” has a counter attached to it so it will actually give you feed back as to the number of times a vehicle hits the gate arm. And last but not least, the “Gate-Saver works on exit and entrance applications. Let us put one at your busiest intersection/crossing and show you the immediate cost savings Gate-Saver can provide.

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Order item number: NEG385102GS

Installation Instructions
Installation of the Unit is the same as any standard conversion bracket in the industry.2.) The unit utilizes 8 Stainless Steel Bolts, which connect to the counterweight arms on both the top and bottom of the unit. The unit has slotted holes for possible variations from one Manufacturer’s design to the next.3.) The Unit is labeled “Right” and “Left” depending upon the particular crossing application. The “Right” on the top of the channel of the “Gate-Saver” should be used as the standard, which would be the entrance side of the crossing. Thus the Hydraulic would be on the track side of the unit, so as to allow the gate to swing into and up and away from the vehicle upon a collision.4.) The Unit labeled “Left” on the top of the channel would then be used in the exit or four quadrant gate crossing applications. Thus the Hydraulic will then face the field side.5.) When maintaining the crossing for gate arm damaged parts, sections, lights or bulbs, detach the two bolts at the end of the hydraulic, which will then release the hydraulic from the cast sleeve, thus allowing the gate and sleeve to be moved without disconnect from the counter-weight arms to the side of the road. Thus putting your maintenance work out of the traffic lanes.