Reverse Diode Gate Light Kit

The purpose of these 2 different lamp heads is to maintain proper current flow to the LED Tip Lamp. The IXC, CCU-2, and XLC crossing controllers are some crossing controllers that require a special diode setup in the Tip Lamp to ensure proper functionality. Some symptoms of erratic behavior include not being able to sync the lights correctly (Tip light not staying solid), flickering lights, and lights not fully extinguishing when flashing.

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Product Description Part Number
Tip Lamp Assembly for CCU-2 & XLC NEG-2018-1DCLED-RD-A
Tip Lamp Assembly for IXC NEG-2018-1DCLED-RD-B
Complete Light Kit with RD-A NEG-2018-3DCLED-RD-A
Complete Light Kit with RD-B NEG-2018-3DCLED-RD-B
Sidewalk/Pedestrian Light Kit with RD-A NEG-2018-1DCLED-RD-A-SW
Sidewalk/Pedestrian Light Kit with RD-B NEG-2018-1DCLED-RD-B-SW

Installation Instructions

Unlike our competitor you are not required to purchase any additional parts to make these Tip Lamps function. We have internally wired the fix for you and all you will need to do is replace your current tip lamp with the new RD-A or RD-B. You can order an individual head to retro fit an existing light set or you can order a complete reverse diode light kit. In either instance make sure that the tip lamp that is labeled RD-A or RD-B is positioned as the TIP LAMP or it will not function correctly and could cause an LED failure. *Note* The Mid and Base lamp heads will not be marked at all, so position those in their normal location.

Please contact our sales team if you need further technical assistance.