R8-8 Do Not Stop on Tracks

A DO NOT STOP ON TRACKS (R8-8) sign should be installed whenever the potential for highway vehicles stopping on the tracks at a grade crossing is significant. The sign, if used, should be located on the right-hand side of the highway on either the near or far side of the grade crossing, depending upon which position provides better visibility to approaching drivers. If a STOP or YIELD sign is installed at a location, including at a circular intersection, that is downstream from the grade crossing such that highway vehicle queues are likely to extend beyond the tracks, a DO NOT STOP ON TRACKS sign (R8-8) should be used. This sign is a vertical rectangle with a black legend and border on a white background.

Available in the following sizes and materials:
Size: 24″ x 30″
Reflective Material: Engineer Grade, High Intensity Prismatic, Diamond Grade™ DG3



Product Features
• Retroreflective sign is visible day and night
• Durable, weather-resistant traffic grade aluminum
• Pre-punched with radiused corners and 3/8″ mounting holes