R15-1 Grade Crossing (Crossbuck)

The Grade Crossing (R15-1) sign, commonly identified as the Crossbuck sign, is used on approaches to rail-grade crossings, either alone or in combination with other traffic control devices. In most states, the Crossbuck sign requires road users to yield the right-of-way to rail traffic at a grade crossing. This sign has two rectangular pieces and has a black legend on a white background.

R15-1-DB – Dog Bone Extrusion
R15-1-RB – Raised Back Extrusion

Available in the following sizes and materials:
Size: 48″ x 9″
Reflective Material: Engineer Grade, High Intensity Prismatic



Product Features
• Retroreflective sign is visible day and night
• Durable, weather-resistant traffic grade aluminum
• Pre-punched with radiused corners and 3/8″ mounting holes