Digital Quick Connect Light Set

  • Quick connect feature that eliminates hard wiring the lamp heads.
  • Utilizes set screws for easy and fast change-outs in maintenance repairs.
  • Highly durable lamp head with crush and impact resistant compounds.
  • Both short and long coil cords are available.
  • All parts are available from our inventory for immediate shipment.

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Complete Light Kit NEG-2018-3DCLED
Individual Lamp Heads NEG-2018-1DCLED
Long Coil Cords NEG-2018-CC-L
Short Coil Cords NEG-2018-CC-S
Straight Cord NEG-2018-SC
Replacement Lens NEG-2018-L
Replacement Gasket NEG-2018-G
Tip Lamp Cap NEG-2018-TLC
Operating Specifications
Parameter Value
Input Voltage Range AC/DC 8-18V
Avg Current 12VDC Input @25 deg.C 280ma
Max Current @ Max Input Voltage < 320ma @ 18V
Light Output @ 12V Input Light output very consistant as light stays on. Approximately 35% more light output at 12V
Heat Dissipation Approximately 20 deg C less heat disipation
Tip light pulsing None