Alumi-Glass Extendable Roadway Arm

Our Alumi-Glass Gate utilizes an aluminum 1st section, a fiberglass 2nd, and a fiberglass 3rd section. This gate can be ordered in any length ranging from 8’ to 40’.

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Complete Gate Arm NEG-8003-#
Aluminum 1st Section (Length range: 8′, 16′, 21′, 24′) NEG-2120-#
Fiberglass 2nd Section (Length range: 4′-16′) NEG-502-#
Fiberglass 3rd Section (Length range: 4′-16′) NEG-503-#
Base Section Hardware Please Call
2nd Section Hardware Please Call
3rd Section Hardware Please Call
Insert desired length where the “#” appears in the above part numbers.