LED Array Light Set

National Electric Gate Company has an LED Array Gate Arm Light Set for the most demanding railroad crossing applications. “Yours”!! National Electric Gates LED light set is practically indestructible and mounts on top of your gate arm for great visibility.

Made of polycarbonate, which gives this light box the durability for continued abuse in most knockdown traffic conditions, the LED array gate arm lights are in stock and ready for your toughest crossing applications.

Operating Specifications
Operating Voltage 8.5-12V AC/DC
Minimum Forward Current 10mA
Typical Max Current Draw (At 10V DC) 0.30A
Typical Max Power Consumption (At 10V DC Per Light) 3.0W
Dominant Wavelength 629nm (RED)
Performance Standards
Vibration (X, Y, Z Axis) A.R.E.M.A. 2006, MIL-STD 810F
Operating Temperature – 40C to 70C
IP Rating IP 65
Electronic Noise A.R.E.M.A. 2006
Storage Temperature -40C to 85C

LED array light set

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