Electronic Crossing Bell

Electronic Crossing BellThe tone of the bell is on a microchip and is sounded through an outdoor speaker. The warning sound is a duplicate of the mechanical bell sound. It utilizes the same electrical leads as the mechanical bell and is positioned on top of the mast pole. The electronic bell meets or exceeds all the arema specifications. The bell circuit draws less than 0.15 amps, which is 10 percent of the current draw of the mechanical bell. Sound reading range of 85 to 95 decibels in a 360 degree plane. 250 strokes per minute. Operating voltage of 10 + – 25 % volts dc . Mounts to a 4 or 5 inch mast pole. There is access to the volume control. Dimensions of bell upon request. Weight is less than 10 pounds.

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Description NEG Number
1 Bell Part NEG-1210 EBL
2 Bell Part with a lightning arrestor included on the circuit board NEG-1210EBL/S
3 Offset Mass Mounting NEG-2010EBL-B