Lamp Head & Junction Box

We offer a standard light box and lamp head. The lamp head can be either lexan or metal.

Our standard light set has been used on the railroad for over 30 years.

Gate Lamps
Gate Lamps Click to download PDF of this page.
Description NEG Number
1  4″ Metal Lamp Head & Junction Box  NEG-2018M
2  4″ Lexan Lamp Head & Junction Box  NEG-2018L
3  4″ Metal Lamp Head & Lens (No Junction Box)  NEG-214M
4  4″ Lexan Lamp Head & Lens (No Junction Box)  NEG-214L
5 Junction Box Only  NEG-202
6 4″ Lens Kit  NEG-215
We also offer Wiring Harnesses and a variety of bulbs. Please check under the Other Products section of our website for this information.